In August 1941 Mariya Oktyabrskaya learned that her husband had fallen in the war against the German Nazi forces. She promptly sold all her belongings in order to buy and donate a T-34 tank to the Soviet army. She had one condition; she wanted to drive the tank herself.

We want to share the story of her life with the world.

The crew painted the words “Fighting Girlfriend” in bold white letters on the turret in order to show the Germans that Mariya was out for revenge. We want to explore and understand her courage on film, detailing the battles she fought, the sacrifices she made and ultimately her heroic death.

The crew called her “Mother”. What sort of bonds form beneath the metal if such a vehicle of war, as it soldiers on alone, penetrative ever deeper into enemy territory? The last words that Mariya ever spoke were telling. They were just one small and simple question: “Is my crew okay?”

The film Fighting Girlfriend will dive into the life of Mariya Oktyabrkaya and the psychology, motivation and relationship of the four human beings beneath the metal and guns of the T-34 tank, exploring the terrors of war and the bravery needed to end it.